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We are offering Module 3

(face-to-face and/or via a telepresence platform)

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This is our favourite Module and we are offering the following:

•Module 3 Syllabus, •Steps to organising your M3 Research Paper (RP), •"Choice of topic" approaches

•Understanding & exploring sources, •Academic Reading, Critical Reading, Note-taking, Referencing (integral & non-integral in-text citations), Difference between Reference list & Bibliography, Plagiarism issues and how-to-avoid-plagiarism techniques, •Staging and planning, Assignment outline & guidance 



Module 3 (Extending practice and English language teaching specialisation) is assessed externally through an extended written assignment of 4,500 words on a specialist area of English language teaching such as Business English, Young Learners, English for Specific Purposes, English for Academic Purposes, Content and Language Integrated Learning (CLIL), ELT Management, Learners with Special Requirements, in which you design a course for a specific group of learners. Assessment submitted June or December. 

This module focuses on needs analysis, syllabus design, course planning and assessment.

You will carry out an independent investigation, leading to the design of a course programme related to one of the following specialisms:


  • Business English

  • Content and Language Integrated Learning (CLIL) / Embedded ESOL

  • English for Academic Purposes

  • English for Specific Purposes

  • ESOL learners with literacy needs

  • Language development for teachers

  • Language support (e.g. on mainstream teaching programmes, specialist skills support)

  • Teaching English to learners with special requirements, e.g. visual/hearing impairment, dyslexia, autistic spectrum disorders (ASD)

  • Teaching examination classes

  • Teaching in a non-English-speaking environment

  • Teaching in an English-speaking environment

  • Teaching learners online, or through distance/blended learning

  • Teaching monolingual classes

  • Teaching multilingual classes

  • Teaching one-to-one

  • Teaching young learners or young adults (specified age group required, within a 5-year range e.g. 8–13, 14–19).

Option 1
Option 2

This module focuses on situation analysis, planning and implementing change.

You will carry out an independent situation analysis, leading to the design of a change proposal in one of the following specialisms:

  • Academic management

  • Human resource management

  • Customer service

  • Marketing.

To successfully complete this module, you will need to have access to management data from a relevant language teaching context.


Written assignment

How to register

You can enter for any of the Delta modules by registering at ALS Delta Centre.

Before contacting us, please check you meet the following criteria:

  • Do you have at least one year’s experience of teaching English?

  • Is your English good enough to teach at a range of levels? (Minimum CEFR Level C1–C2 or above.)

You will normally have an initial English language teaching qualification, such as CELTA. ALS Delta Centre may still accept you on to a Delta course, if you can demonstrate that you would be likely to complete a course successfully, e.g. by giving evidence of previous successful study.

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