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Accessibility:  We believe that good writing communicates complex ideas clearly. Our readers are informed professionals, including academics at all levels, materials developers, and front-line teachers. All writing in the Journal must be accessible to all of our readers.

We encourage professionals and academics from a range of disciplines and language backgrounds to read and learn from articles both within and beyond their own specialist fields. We also hope to inspire practicing teachers to explore the issues raised in the Journal and to implement new insights and techniques in the classroom. This will only be possible if the Journal is written in a clear, professional style of English.

Manuscript types: The Journal of Applied Languages and Linguistics welcomes original submissions in the following categories:

  • Empirical study: A report of original research carried out in a specific domain of language studies. Please show how your research is relevant to language learning and development in a range of contexts, not just your own specific situation.

  • Review article: A clear and systematic summary of the state of the art in a particular domain of language-learning studies. Please draw attention to the most important trends, arguments, and disputes within that domain. Please show how the latest theoretical insights are relevant to practical problems of teaching and learning languages more effectively.

Manuscript content:

We will use the following criteria to review submitted manuscripts:

Empirical studies:

  • Does the manuscript present and analyze new empirical data?

  • Does it show expert use of appropriate research methods?

  • Is the Methods section detailed enough to allow the replication of research?

Review articles:

  • Does the article say something new and relevant about a particular domain?

  • Does it present a balanced and informed overview of the state of the art, especially in the case of disputed or controversial areas?

All articles:

  • Does is enhance existing knowledge?

  • Does it develop theoretical arguments that are relevant to problems in language studies?

  • Are the theoretical arguments internally consistent?

  • Have all pertinent sources of support and information have been acknowledged?

  • Is the topic inherently interesting to educated readers from outside this particular field?

  • Is the article written in a way that will be accessible to readers from a range of professional and academic backgrounds within the fields of applied languages and linguistics?

Review process

When we receive a submission, we will typically contact you within one week to acknowledge receipt. 

We will then send your article for double-blind review by two experts in the field. The names of all reviewers consulted are printed in the journal.

If we reject your submission, we will provide a short explanation. In most cases, this will be because the submission does not meet our criteria for submission. You are welcome to rewrite the article so that it meets our criteria and re-submit at a later date, in which case your article will be treated as a new submission.

The peer-review process typically takes around four weeks, after which we will contact you again with a decision: acceptance for publication (subject to minor edits); provisional acceptance (subject to major rewrites and another stage of peer review); or rejection. In each case, you will receive consolidated feedback on your work. Our aim is always to be constructive and supportive in our feedback and suggestions.

Author guidelines
Manuscripts submitted must follow APA Style (see the Publication Manual of the American Psychological Association, 6th edition,

When reporting research using quantitative and statistical methods, please provide measures of effect sizes, at least for the major statistical contrasts which you report.
Published papers in the Journal of Applied Languages and Linguistics are usually between 2,000 and 4,000 words. All manuscripts must be accompanied by an abstract of up to 150 words.

The Journal of Applied Languages and Linguistics will not consider articles that have been published or are being considered for publication elsewhere. Please ensure that your submission is substantially different from your other published or under-review work.

Please submit a cover letter to the editor with your manuscript submission. In your letter, you must inform us of any potential ethical considerations, including conflicts of interest or overlap of the present submission with text or data appearing elsewhere in related published or under-review work.

Submission of manuscripts
Please create your manuscript as a Microsoft Word document and submit it by email to Support can be contacted by phone (+30 210 4821351) or by e-mail. There are no submission/publishing fees.

Please direct your correspondence to

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