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Volume 3 - Issue 2 - December 2019

Latest issue of Journal of Applied Languages and Linguistics

Research Article

TITLE: The Development of English Language Teaching in Morocco:  From Traditional

Methods to New approaches

Author: Dr Tribak Oifaa

Abdel Malek Essadi University,

Faculty of Letters and Human Sciences. Martil, Tetouan.


Published online: 24 December 2019, pp. 145-160



Oifaa, T. (2019) The Development of English Language Teaching in Morocco:  From Traditional Methods to New approaches, Journal of Applied Languages and Linguistics, 3(2), ALS House Publications. Athens, Greece, pp. 145-160.


The rapid change of the globalized world along with the technological revolution has placed the tremendous need for a more effective and valuable teaching practices. As a matter of fact, the last few decades have seen a revival of interest in various issues of professional development (PD) as part of the twenty-first century teacher profile as well as the widespread of Information and Communication Technology (ICT). All these changes have pushed the Moroccan government to embrace the implementation of new methods in teaching English as a Foreign Language (ELF) to meet the requirements of the fast- paced changing globe.  In this respect, this paper addresses issues related to language teaching and learning, especially ELT in Morocco, with a special reference to the way it has been impacted by the various changes in the globalized world, and the move from what is known as the ‘traditional’ approaches to the recent ‘post-method’ approaches to language teaching.

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Keywords: Teaching, Learning, Traditional Approaches, Post-method Approaches, Professional Development, ICT, ELTM.

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