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Volume 2 - Issue 2 - December 2018

Latest issue of Journal of Applied Languages and Linguistics

Research Article



Enhancing Writing Skills through Effective Practices and Strategies

Author: Luisito M. Nanquil

Institution: Bulacan State University

Mailing address: 1786 Fortuna Subdivision, Floridablanca, Pampanga, Philippines


Published online: 31 December 2018, pp. 53-57

Citation: Nanquil, L. (2018). Enhancing Writing Skills through Effective Practices and Strategies. Journal of Applied languages and Linguistics, 2(2), pp.53-57



The ability to write is one of the fundamental skills needed by people in order to succeed. As a productive skill, students face a lot of challenges and issues for them to completely master or fully develop this skill. The task of improving the writing aptitude of students is weary and tedious. Among others, time and instructional materials play significant role in this process. In the same aspect, language teachers have many thoughts regarding the most effective and most appropriate methods they are employing to teach writing. But outcomes of each strategy may depend on various factors and contexts. This reflective research article aimed to determine and explore the contemporary strategies and practices in teaching writing. The researcher considered relevant literature from credible sources in outlining and synthesizing essential ideas and insights beneficial to language teachers who are teaching writing among ESL and EFL classes.  Moreover, the classroom experiences, observations, and reflections of the researcher further validated and attested his findings. Through the ideas and concepts explored in this reflective article, numerous language teachers could start applying innovative strategies to cultivate and enrich second language writing classrooms.


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Keywords: language teaching, writing, pedagogies, strategies, practices, reflections


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