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Volume 3 - Issue 1 - June 2019

Latest issue of Journal of Applied Languages and Linguistics


TITLE: English teachers’ physical appearance in EFL propaganda: Mexican students’


Author: Josafat Negrete Martínez

Universidad de Guanajuato, Mexico

Lascuráin de Retana No. 5, Col. Centro C.P. 36000

Guanajuato, Gto., México


Published online: 24 July 2019, pp. 129-145



Martinez, J.N. (2019) English teachers’ physical appearance in EFL propaganda: Mexican students’ perceptions, Journal of Applied Languages and Linguistics, 3(1), ALS House Publications. Athens, Greece, pp. 129-145.


The current study aims to provide insight into research with regard to EFL advertising. In the light of this research domain, several studies have depicted a preference over an assumed native speaker English teacher’ appearance in various types of advertisements (Braine, 1998; Mahboob & Golden, 2013; Rucker & Ives, 2014; Lengeling & Mora, 2012; Pegrum, 2004; Selvi, 2010). Within a qualitative approach, this study was carried out in a University language center in northern Mexico. Through focus groups, EFL students provided their perceptions regarding English teachers’ physical appearance and what factors of it may influence their selection of a teacher for taking English classes. Based on the concepts of “multimodality” by Van Leeuwen (2001, p.447) and “the discourse of advertising” by Cook (2001, p.9), a set of six flyers were designed so as to elicit discussion among the participants on the topic. Such flyers presented variation in the photographs of assumed prospect English teachers regarding age, gender and race. From a Mexican context, results suggest that lived and shared participants’ experiences interplay among the discussion to provide perspectives regarding the physical appearance of English teachers. Also, factors such as age, gender, race, and facial expressions play a role in terms of affecting students’ selection of an English teacher

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Keywords:  Students’ perceptions, English teachers’, Physical appearance, EFL advertising, ELT profession.

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