from the 1st International Conference on Language Education and Research (LERC2019)

Volume 3 - Issue 3 - December 2019

Latest issue of Journal of Applied Languages and Linguistics

Research Article

TITLE: S. A. M. Sound And Meaning

Author: Carla Marmo, Italy


Published online: 31 December 2019, pp. 42-47


Marmo, C. (2019) S. A. M. Sound And Meaning, Journal of Applied Languages and Linguistics, 3(3), pp. 43-47.


The importance of Phonology in language learning is explored in this article. Strangely enough Language learning is basically a silent activity. The term “ language” implies an exchange of words and ideas in writing, but in everyday communication mainly in speaking. Nevertheless, text books and usual methods tend to focus more on grammar, syntax ,vocabulary, not exploiting the wonderful opportunities offered by Phonology while learning a language, both native, second, third or even more. Probably, the School System favours a quieter way of learning. Classes are numerous, sometimes crowded, and to allow every student to speak may be unpractical. To
overcome this difficulty, it is possible to think over graded exercises offering students an approach to language learning more centred on sounds. Taking into consideration everyday speech, it is possible to notice the importance of body language in conversations. This is another aspect to consider in a meaningful approach to the method proposed in this article.

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Keywords: language; phonology; sounds; conversations; sound and meaning;

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