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Volume 2 - Issue 2 - December 2018

Latest issue of Journal of Applied Languages and Linguistics

Research Article


TITLE: Evaluation of an A2 textbook

Author: Eleni Manoli

Institution: Hellenic Open University

Mailing address: Aristotelous, 18Patra 263 35


Published online: 31 December 2018, pp. 58-87

Citation: Manoli, E. (2018). Evaluation of an A2 textbook. Journal of Applied languages and Linguistics, 2(2), pp. 58-87.



The art of teaching involves both exquisite performance during the delivery of the class and meticulous preparation in terms of the materials available. The former feature is likely to be improved gradually as the teacher’s experience grows; the latter, however, should be as helpful and effective, as possible, in order to facilitate the learning process, while making it smooth and creating long-lasting impact. Therefore, the evaluation of the teaching materials seems not only obligatory but also helpful. The purpose of this paper is to give insight into the functionality of a specific A2 textbook when used with students having learning differences. The research tools applied were questionnaires answered by an afternoon EFL class, the results of which were employed to draw the conclusions needed in order to provide the appropriate recommendations for the optimal use of this specific textbook on the target population.

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Keywords: textbook evaluation, needs analysis, learning differences


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