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Research Centre for Applied Languages and Linguistics

Scientific Council

The tasks of the Scientific Council are

  1. To admit or exclude effective or associate members along the terms of these regulations;

  2. To approve the general guidelines and structure the research and development activities according to the Centre’s aims;

  3. To decide on the creation, modification and suppression of research lines, and to carry out the corresponding evaluation;

  4. To approve the annual and pluri-annual action plans;

  5. To issue recommendations about the inclusion of the Centre in research and development networks;

  6. To approve the research regulations of the Centre, following the proposal of the Institute’s Direction

  7. To designate the members of the Monitoring Committee mentioned in subheading b) of article 6 and to issue an opinion on the invitations referred in subheading c)

  8. To designate through absolute majority of its members, the Scientific Coordinator, among the Full and Associate Professors of the Institute as well as the remaining members of the Scientific Coordinating Commission upon his or her suggestion;

  9. To dismiss, by absolute majority of its members, the Scientific Coordinating Commission.

  10. To issue an opinion to the Direction of the Institute on the Regulations of the Centre

  11. To issue recommendations on the budget, the action plan and the annual report or the pluri-annual activity reports;

  12. To consider the appeals of the Scientific Coordinating Commission which reject research projects on the grounds of formal defect;

  13. To offer judgments on other issues that brought before its consideration by the Direction of the Institute, by the Monitoring Committee or by any of its members;

  14. To approve its statute and elect its President.

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