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Research Centre for Applied Languages and Linguistics

Research facilities

Access to the Linguistics & the Data Acquisition Lab is reserved for the Linguistics students of Greek Higher Education institutions, Members of the RCALL and those taking classes in Applied Language Studies House Teacher Training and Language Centres. The lab is accessible 7 days a week and is open at all times during operating hours. It is available for use when not reserved for classes.

The Linguistics & the Data Acquisition Lab provides access to

  • journals for Language and Linguistics as well as electronic libraries, repositories and directories,

  • a wide range of audio and video recording equipment,

  • analysis software (COMP-PHON project, a grammar development environment for constraint-based phonology and FONOL, a phonological programming language),

  • stimulus presentation software,  

  • other computing and printing resources 

  • 3 laptops for study and data collection

  • 1 portable vocal booth for phonetics and phonology research, as well as for conducting single or small group experiments or interviews 

The Observation Classroom is connected to computer and video capture facilities in the Linguistics Lab to allow easy audio/video data collection, duplication and digitization. 

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